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Standard Cleaning Package


Product Description

LIVING AREAS: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Dinning Rooms
•    Dust wall ornaments, windowsills and ledges, chairs and baseboards.
•    Clean all glass, mirrors, wood, and chrome surfaces.
•    Dust all furniture (upholstered and not upholstered), shelves, and around the corners.
•    Freshly vacuum floor, carpets, area rugs (moving small items like chairs and toys aside), and stairs.
•    Dispose of trash.

•    Clean all cabinets, appliance exteriors, counters and tables.
•    Clean sinks and all chrome on tables and chairs.
•    Vacuum floor and around corners and baseboards.
•    Clean exterior of refrigerators and ovens.
•    Dispose of trash.

•    Clean appliance tops and exteriors.
•    Hand-scrub all tiles and/or fiberglass, removing soap scum.
•    Clean bath tub and/or shower base and doors inside and out.
•    Clean chrome, brass faucets and showerheads.
•    Clean, sanitize and dry sinks and toilet.
•    Clean all mirrors and glass fixtures
•    Clean tissue holder and towel racks.
•    Dispose of trash.

Additional Information

Home Size

There are various size homes. This simple form is meant to simplify your order request. We will need your address to validate the approximate size of your home. You can provide us with that information ahead of time, otherwise, you can use our advanced form to get a better estimate/quote for the job in question.

Cleaning Frequency

We understand that you may want to try us out first and will therefore pick a one-time cleaning option. Please note that you will save more and have your home cleaned regularly by signing-up for one of our scheduled plans (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly). These plans are contracted annually. If you find that we aren’t living up to our end of the deal, we can surely cancel the contract at anytime. Cancellations are billed at the one-time rate for the date or month in which they were canceled. Any prior reduced costs savings stay the same, just the final week or month will be billed at full price.

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